Agadir to Marrakech and Essaouira (2days) :

Agadir to Marrakech and Essaouira (2days)This fascinating 2 day tour takes you on a journey of contrasts from the bustling, vibrant city of Marrakech to the picturesque fishing port of Essaouira.

Our tour starts with a visit to the old Medina of Marrakech and a trip to the colourful souks. Here you can admire a fantastic variety of hand-crafted Moroccan goods ranging from babouche slippers, woodworks, brassworks, ironworks, bronzeworks, jewellery, kaftans, carpets, spices and pottery.

We continue onto the famous Jemaa El Fna Square, where you can soak up the bustling atmosphere created by snake charmers, singers, story tellers and many other types of performers. Our tour also includes a trip to the most historical parts of Marrakech visiting a variety of monuments and ancient sites. We overnight in a 3 star hotel located in central Marrakech before visiting the coastal town of Essaouira. This typical Portuguese harbour, with fine examples of both Moorish and Portuguese art, was the setting of the film Othello..

Agadir to Ocean Dunes (1day) :

Agadir to Ocean Dunes (1day) This is a unique excursion varied and interesting that I am for the first time with French customers who love nature scenery and above all they love Morocco.

Falco tribute to the family of the Riviera...

Departure at 9am or 10am to sue Agadir and Cape North (Essaouira road) once came to Taghazout (village of fishermen & surfers).A walking tour in the village. Then we hit the road again (stops at will) we make photo stops and stops when there is relaxation of beautiful scenery!

After we arrive at Tamri (banana village) a visit is planned (souk on Mondays)!

After 10 km, there are beautiful sand dunes along the Atlantic Ocean, a little track, and stop sign (small step on the white sand is nice and fine) with impressive seen on the cliffs (where the niche Bald Ibis)!

After one part to the Berber village, a little track, a well deserved reward awaits us. It’s lunch and breakfast: Moroccan salad + (couscous or tagine with meat choices) + dessert + (the ceremonial tea with mint). A real treat After a short break, on the way back again! Arrival in Agadir around 17h / 18h.

Agadir to Tafraout / Tiznit (1 day):

From Agadir at 8am, Ait Baha after we cross a spectacular mountain site (exceptional period in January / February when the almond trees are in bloom). There are beautiful landscapes and unique scenic. Once we arrived at Tafraout will be entitled to odd shapes and beautiful pink granite Arro

Lunch and suspende NDIT feet and tops of the mountains, on site (local specialty of beef tagine with prunes and almonds)

After Cap on Tiznit (coffee break at the Col de Kerdous a 1100 m) .. Tiznit we will visit a small wall and a small drive off (if the customer wants) the manufacture of silver jewellery. Then we returned to Agadir.

Agadir to Tiout Taroudant 4 * 4 (1day) :

Starting at 8am Agadir towards the east until the red dot on the map *. (Paved road), and after we take the deviation to the right towards Tiout (20 km of track)!

Once in town, one crosses the palm and continue in the mountains of the Anti-Atlas to bypass the village and discover other beautiful landscapes (15 km of track)!

We arrive at Tiout, which is a Berber village at the foot of the Anti-Atlas 30km from Taroudant, a beautiful palm grove stretches between several villages with houses with red Ocher landscape sublime, the Kasbah of Tiout was a panorama of both green and desert, a ride on a donkey is the best way to discover the palm!

And after a good breakfast awaits us at the Kasbah (chicken with lemon and olive couscous + + seasonal fruit ...)

In the afternoon descends on the medina of Taroudant (10 km of track) to visit: souks, walls, and Palais Salam with a little walk through the labyrinths of the old Medina and its Souks rich in crafts!

At the end it comes quietly in Agadir, an approximate arrival around 18h - 18:30 .

Agadir Taroudant (1 day) :

Taroudant is 80 km from Agadir 1:15 am or 1:30 drive in the heart of the plain of Souss and through the orange groves of sight you come to the medina (old city) surrounded by 8 km of walls of mud 8 m high tells the story of the city for centuries. The carriages and the lush gardens and flowers throughout the year are part of life for villagers in Taroudant. The former palace of the Pasha of Taroudant, Ouarzazate and Marrakech is converted into a hotel which is the Palais Salam. A good cup of coffee on an orange juice is well recommended in the shade of lush gardens. At the end fans of the souks and the Eastern atmosphere will be well served. NB: it can be done on a morning or an afternoon!

Agadir to Little Sahara 4 * 4 (1day) :

Agadir to Little Sahara 4 * 4 (1day) Departure from Agadir to 8:30 in the morning heading South.

Step 1: After the factory visit traditional pottery, it is the deviation to the right towards the fishing village Tifnit .. Stop in the village and continue towards the village of Sidi Rbat, then to Massa on the track of sand along the Atlantic coast wild (2h. 22km run) there are cave houses and beautiful landscapes!

Step 2: the Souss Massa National Park. Privileged place of many species of migratory birds and also the last refuge of the bald ibis... is the mouth of Oued Massa who generously offers the greenery in the middle of a desert landscape (A nice contrast)!

Step 3: leave Massa towards sand dunes, a stony track (10 Km of track 45 minutes). You arrive and breakfast near the dunes and having to cross a banana, a hearty and delicious lunch awaits us!

after eating a little walk (20 to 30 minutes) walk in the sand is nice, or you can make beautiful pictures.

Step 4: Tiznit 100km from Agadir, is a small town surrounded by ramparts of 6 km. It is known in the country by its artisans who make jewelry; we make a tour of the factory of silver jewelry and a tour of the walls and inside the Medina by car.

Step 5: before returning to Agadir we visit a friendly fishing village Aglou (15 km from Tiznit) (Beautiful Ocean view).

Go around 18h - 19h
Total distance = area: 250km

Ait mansour Tafraoute

This is the best tour in the region of Agadir

From Agadir to 7am or 8am, focus on Tiznit and then we took the road to Tafraout. (Pause at the Col de Kerdous 1100 m)

At the village level Jemaa Ida Oussemlal .. we take the detour to the village Izerbi .. Then the famous Gorges of Ait Mansour .. (Virgin and unexplored) .. we begin with the magnificent palm grove, then continue to the end of the gorge (extraordinary landscapes) .. Tafraout to join ..

Lunch on site (local specialty of beef tagine with prunes and almonds) ...

We cross a spectacular mountain site (exceptional period in January / February when the almond trees are in bloom) .. there are beautiful landscapes and unique scenic .. there will also be entitled to odd shapes and beautiful pink granite rounds and suspended the feet and tops of the mountains ..

The afternoon was taken up slowly the way back to the kasbah Agadir via Tizorgane .. and Ait Baha ... return to Agadir

Agadir to Paradise Valley (1day):

Known as the green valley, it is ideal for nature lovers and the beautiful scenery .. Taking the road north cascades Imouzzer Agadir (road honey) .. it runs along the gorges of Oued Tamraght .. where water flows all the time and permanence is the green .. (Argan trees, olive trees, cacti, oleander, wild thyme ...)

after the valley .. a tea break and breakfast (at 1000 m altitude) .. (To a beautiful view) is nice .. above .. Accompanied by the traditional bread, thyme honey, Argan oil and toasted almonds! (If the client wants?)

After .. Back in Agadir!

NB: it can be done on a morning or an afternoon!

Agadir to Imouzzer (1day) :

Departure from Agadir to 9 or 9:30 in the morning!

It's the same path of Paradise Valley .. and continue to the village of Imouzzer (stops at will) .. it goes up to 1400 m above sea level .. (Typical souk on Thursday morning) .. you can see and admire the beauty of the Cascades during the rainy season ..

Lunch at the Hotel des Cascades Imouzzer .. Or home stay (depending on the customer's choice) .. Then we continue on the new road recently opened .. The High Atlas offers beautiful scenery .. arid mountains .. palm trees .. Banana ... Then we joined the coastal road (Agadir-Essaouira) in the village of Tamri bananas!

And we returned to Agadir along beautiful sandy beaches.

back to agadir

Agadir to Guilmim / Sidi Ifni (1 day) :

Guelmim is nicknamed "The Gate of the Desert" .. it is a city behind the arid slopes of the Anti Atlas .. frequented by nomads (the blue man) .. The camel souk is held every Saturday morning.

From Agadir in the early morning (6am ou7h) .. Once there (of course after several stops on the way) .. a visit to the souk in livestock (sheep, camels .. .. goats ...) is nice .. after .. Taking the way back .. Lunch at Sidi Ifni .. Mirleft and then .. Aglou .. Tiznit .. and Agadir!

A beautiful coastal road between Sidi Ifni and Aglou! Arrival in Agadir around in the evening

Agadir to Essaouira (1day) :

Essaouira .. city surrounded by ramparts .. facing the ocean .. it is located north of Agadir .. delightful little Medina .. Blackberry white .. blue doors and window .. Essaouira and a city 300 days of wind .. as sunny as the other cities in Morocco .. this is where there is intense creativity, many painters, sculptors and musicians have settled .. Galleries and there are also numerous.

The port (in small fishing from the port of Agadir), but the traditional fishery (sardine and small motorboats) completing the charm and beauty of the site.

From Agadir at 8am .. we can make some stops on the road where there is beautiful scenery .. and goats on trees (Arganiers) ...

Once arrived around 11am .. a visit to the port is nice .. After .. you can do a walk inside the medina (no access to cars) .. La Scala and visit the port, La Scala in the city, the souk ...) .. After 2 hours, or 2:30 to visit ..

Lunch beside the ocean! .. it's magic.arrived in agadir in the evening

Agadir to Marrakech (1 day) :

Agadir to Marrakech (1 day) From Agadir at 6am and arrived in Marrakech at around 10 am - 10:30 ..

Historic buildings:

1 - The Tombs of Saâdiens

2 - The Palais Bahia

3 - The Palais Badii

4 - The flag of Menara

5 - The gardens and the Koutoubia mosque ...v At around 13h to éjeuner Islane Restaurant (overlooking the Koutoubia)!

After .. visit the famous Djemaa el Fna Square (World Heritage Site by UNESCO ear) .. you 2 hours of free time to visit the souks and (if you have more time?) Majorelle Garden!

Around 17h .. back to Agadir .. arrival at 21h!

Total distance (A / R): 530 km! (4 hours and 4 hours drive to go back)